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Anonymous PersonalisationTM

We don’t know or need a customer’s personal data. Our AI simply recognises how shoppers are behaving right now, and through constantly learning and referencing millions of data points on others that have behaved similarly, knows how they’re likely to behave next.

This AI-first approach enables our products to deliver experiences truly personalised to each individual.

Personalised Discovery.

Bring serendipity to search with results optimised for each customer’s behaviour

Smart Search

Quickly direct your customers to the optimal destination based on their unique behaviour. Our search-as-you-type solution also understands the importance and meaning of each word and corrects any spelling errors to increase relevance and conversion.

Visual Search

Improve the customer experience and increase sales conversions through enabling shoppers to search and find the same or similar product as an uploaded image. After all, they say a picture tells a thousand words.

Personalised Merchandising.

Present dynamic content and recommendations tailored in real-time for each unique shopping experience

Dynamic Content

Personalise your site by presenting dynamic content elements optimised to recommend the right offer, at the right time, price, and place for every shopper.

Product Recommendations

Enhance customer experiences and conversion performance using personalised product recommendation carousels that present the most relevant products for each unique customer throughout their shopping journey.


Deepen customer engagement and increase click-through rates through highly targeted emails containing relevant dynamic product recommendations. Reduce operational costs through the creation of reusable bespoke templates and scheduling of email campaigns.


Control and tune performance for your business goals

Dashboard & Analytics

We are on a mission to help our customers better understand the benefit of true AI and how they can harness it to drive better business outcomes. Our dashboard provides reports and insight to help you understand and optimise performance.

Merchandising Logic

Using our self-serve user interface, retailers can apply and maintain their merchandising logic in concert with the Systema AI to optimise for their specific marketing and merchandising objectives.

A/B Testing

Easily conduct A/B tests to identify the most impactful strategy to improve performance towards your business goals.

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