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Better together.

Connect Systema’s AI personalisation with Klaviyo’s marketing automation platform.

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Leverage the power of true AI to transform your EDM performance

Deepen customer engagement and increase click-through rates with highly targeted emails that contain dynamic, real-time product recommendations.

With this industry-first technology, your Klaviyo emails will update in real-time, based on the latest customer behaviour and stock levels!

Why choose Klaviyo x Systema?

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    Dynamic product recommendations

    Serve real-time personalised product recommendations that update when the email is opened, not when it was sent. These are up-to-the-minute in accuracy, taking into account factors like stock levels and geography.

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    Increase conversions

    Improve conversions and click-through rates with email communications that offer highly relevant recommended items based on the customer’s browsing or shopping cart behaviour.

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    Time saving technology

    Save time on building multiple EDM templates for individual customer segments. Systema will do the guesswork for you. Simply copy & paste Systema's product recommendation code directly into your Klaviyo campaigns and you're good to go.

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